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At Carlyle Custom Cabinets, we believe that communication is key - key to creating the very best of results for your next renovation project. Listening to our client’s feedback is the first step towards achieving something great, and we take collaboration seriously.

Carlyle Custom Cabinets works in both residential and commercial spaces, tailoring each project to fit the needs and budget of the client, and we can handle jobs of all kinds, from manufacturing, installations, renovations, and large architectural projects. We are committed to helping our clients transform their ideas into unique, functional spaces to cook, live, and socialise within – be these spaces for the home or business.

Guaranteed a personalised service informed by over 20 years of industry experience, you can be sure Carlyle Custom Cabinets will provide the highest level of excellence for your next project. We listen to you and work with you.



Carlyle Custom cabinets Reviews


For the here and now. A decor dedicated to minimalism, hard edges and clean lines. Focusing on the neutral elements with bold colours and basic shape and form. A concrete bench top and matte black appliances to match your cabinets will have your home looking stylish.


Created in the 1920’s A design featuring softened and rounded lines. Partnered with neutral colours and natural textures. With flat-panel cabinets, laminate bench top, the modern kitchen style works beautifully with your favourite timber and simple colour highlights.


A timeless classic. Designed to never go out of fashion. Focusing on block colour cabinets, white walls and marble bench tops. Perfectly matched with stone or timber flooring. Subtle highlights of this design are the ceramic sink and stand out cabinet handles of wood, porcelain, glass or even brass.

Other Living Spaces

Carlyle Custom Cabinets can create a variety of living spaces and would love to discuss your upcoming project with you.